What We Do

Money seems to be involved in nearly every key event that may significantly change your life. Yet, the emotions that accompany events like death of a loved one, job loss, or divorce, can put you at a disadvantage. At Rosemary Frank Financial, LLC, we focus on helping you through the financial issues related to these most difficult times. That can make getting through the rest seem a lot easier.

Through it all, I help you make your best decisions, so as to deal with the here and now, while keeping an eye on your financial future.

Wealth Management is a year-around, life-long endeavor that may endure temporary setbacks caused by the loss of a loved one, job loss, or post-divorce uncertainties. Our investment strategies provide the framework for maintaining your long-term objectives while meeting your sort term needs. The concerns I hear most frequently from clients involve the challenges of making our money outlast our increasing life expectancies.

Divorce will force you to make every financial decision you ever made, or let someone else make for you, again. In addition, special financial considerations, as well as tax issues, that apply uniquely to divorce, will need to be understood in order to make your best decisions. You will have many questions and concerns during this difficult time. Highly specialized financial assistance is necessary for your future financial well-being.

Attorney Support Services add supplementary personal financial expertise to the services your attorney provides for you in divorce, with a pre-nuptial agreement, settling an estate, structuring injury awards, establishing trusts, managing inheritance, or business protection. I focus on the money and let your attorney advise you on the law and legal processes. Since you may need both types of expertise, better that we are working as a team for you.